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What is World Christian Foundations?

By now the Perspectives Study Program has encompassed over 55,000 students, but in some ways a single course like that is merely a band-aid in comparison to what a well-trained mission mobilizer or missionary needs to know. Rather than merely trying to add onto and "patch up" the college and seminary courses which people had already studied, the U. S. Center for World Mission saw the need for a full graduate degree study program that would provide foundational missions training.

The World Christian Foundations study program invades the mainstream curriculum, the legendary "liberal arts" curriculum, and invests it at every point with missions-oriented content and perspective, teaching everything people would normally learn in college and seminary (aside from vocational specialties) and doing so with a broad, 4,000-year global, mission perspective.

Restoring God’s glory is the theme of this 32-semester unit program.
God is the Lord of history but we are locked in a cosmic struggle with the powers of darkness. Through their studies, students begin to understand God's plan for reestablishing His glory through "general" and "special” revelation, partnering with humans in defeating the Evil One and restoring Creation through Jesus Christ.

This unique curriculum can be studied anywhere in the world with a qualified face-to-face mentor. William Carey International University offers the program at the graduate level. Northwestern College offers the course at the undergraduate level as a degree completion through their Alternative Education department.

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