World Christian Foundations

General WCF Questions

What is the focus/purpose of the WCF program?

Restoring God's glory is the theme of the WCF program. God is the Lord of history but we are locked in a cosmic struggle with the powers of darkness. Through their studies, students begin to understand God's plan for reestablishing His glory through "general" and "special" revelation, partnering with humans in defeating the Evil One and restoring Creation through Jesus Christ. The course is broad in scope, covering all of history, many world religions, and exploring several social sciences. Read about the history of WCF to gain an even better understanding of the program's scope and intention.

Should only people currently serving in ministry take this program?

The WCF program develops students for effective kingdom service whether students live overseas or not. Today's world is increasingly complex and cross-cultural connections are necessary for any kind of business and relationship. WCF is built to engender in students a healthy appreciation for this multicultural reality.

Who wrote the World Christian Foundations curriculum?

Our curriculum includes writings from hundreds of different authors. The curriculum was inspired by Dr. Ralph D. Winter, creator of the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course. Dr. Winter served as the editor of the World Christian Foundations curriculum. Dr. Beth Snodderly, current head of the WCF Team, has contributed significantly to the current layout and wording of the lessons.

What does "World Christian Foundations" mean?

The term "World Christian" refers to someone who is committed to Christ and also committed to awareness and engagement with the issues of our multicultural world. The WCF program provides a sturdy foundation upon which a World Christian can launch out to address the issues of the world in the name of Jesus.

How can my school/institution/agency offer this program?

There are three levels of partnership with WCF that your school can enter into. The WCF Team can provide you with coaching and consulting at any of these levels of partnership.
(1) Teachers and leaders in your organization may find some of the WCF texts and information helpful supplements to training courses you already offer. Visit the preview section of this site to learn more about WCF textbooks and materials.
(2) Your organization may want to offer the full WCF program as a training program that provides students with a certificate or a degree. For your organization to adopt WCF in this manner a memorandum of understanding needs to be signed. The agreement stipulates that 7% of the tuition collected from WCF students is to be paid to the WCF Team. Note that in this partnership your school must be ready to facilitate the WCF program.
(3) WCF is used by a partner school that may be willing to consider your organization an extension campus. This level of partnership requires that your organization is ready to enter into an agreement with an existing graduate institution and that your students are seeking Masters level degrees.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) us if you believe that any of these levels of partnership may be appropriate for your organization. If your organization is interested in translating the WCF program read about adopting WCF for your language group

What kind of credit do students receive after taking this curriculum?

Currently, WCF can be studied for a certificate from the Winter Institute of International Development, for a BA degree through University of Northwestern – St. Paul, or for an MA degree through WCIU or Avance.

What materials are needed to take the WCF curriculum?

The WCF MA curriculum mostly makes use of articles found in electronic databases, with students needing to only purchase a few print books. The WCF team has endeavored to make the curricula portable so that few print materials are needed. You may view which textbooks are used in WCF by visiting the Textbook List section of this website.