World Christian Foundations

Textbook Conversion Tables

Your study guides usually contain page numbers that reflect the most recent edition of the required textbooks. However, any edition of the book is adequate to fulfill assignment requirements. If you are wondering what page numbers you should read for your assignments in an older edition of the textbook then look at the following page number conversion charts.

1) African Experience by Oliver (1st and 2nd editions)

2) Christian Theology: an Introduction and Christian Theology Reader by McGrath

3) Christianity Rediscovered by Donovan

4) Cultural Anthropology by Schultz (2nd-7th editions)

5) Exploring World Mission (New Context of World Mission) by Myers

6) Genesis Question by Ross

7) Hammond Atlas to Hammond Concise Atlas (5th to 6th edition)

8) A History of World Societies by McKay

9) How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Fee and Stuart (2nd and 3rd editions)

10) Jerusalem to Irian Jaya by Tucker

11) The Joy of Discovery to The New Joy of Discovery in Bible Study by Wald

12) Operation World by Johnstone (21st Century 6th edition)

13) Reconnecting God’s Story to Ministry: Crosscultural Storytelling at Home and Abroad by Steffen

14) The Unseen Face of Islam by Musk

15) The Cross and the Crescent by Phil Parshall

16) Peace Child by Don Richardson

17) Darwin's Black Box by Michael Behe

18) The Next Christendom by Philip Jenkins

19) Third to Fourth Edition - Perspectives on the World Christian Movement edited by Ralph D. Winter

20) "The New Testament World" by Bruce J. Malina

21) The Hammond Atlas to the Oxford Atlas Conversion Chart

22) Pierson; The Dynamics of Christian Mission: History through a Missiological Perspective.

23) Killing Fields 1st edition to 2nd Edition

24) Schultz Anthropology Book to Paul Hiebert's Cultural Anthropology

25) Sanneh

26) McKay 6th edition to McKay 8th edition

McKay to McNeill

Logos Instructions

Replacement Texts for Out of Print Books

"Introduction to World Religions" by Partridge replacing "Eerdmanns Handbook to the World Religions" by Alexander (Modules 1-4)